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What Are People Saying?


Brian offers a very professional and impressive trust based marketing service and is my first choice when launching my advertising campaigns and websites for my new software product launches.

Dr Alex Davidovic Software Engineer | Author | Dual Olympian

Brian hits the mark with his review marketing and new website service because we are now pre qualifying a lot of our leads. Brians solution is giving us results that are expanding our business for years to come.

Bernie Garrett General Manager

Brian offers a very professional and impressive trust based marketing service and is my first choice when launching my advertising campaigns and websites for my new software product launches.

Lincoln Bird Proprietor

Meet Brian Savic

Over the past 20 years, I have been privileged to help 157+ local business owners & online entrepreneurs in 3 different countries, scale and grow their local services and online businesses by up to 10x growth in 6 months or less…

My combined 30 years experience in providing business finance and digital marketing services, has helped me develop my proprietary method for online business success; " The KWT Method"

If you're looking to generate more leads and sales in your business and you would like to know how the "KWT Method" can help you scale your business to 10X in 6 months or less …then don't take my word for it — check out my reviews from successful clients.


The Problem In today's highly competitive business landscape, maintaining a strong online presence and reputation is paramount for business success. There is an absence of a systematic approach to collecting Google reviews, costing businesses significant revenue opportunities, including;

  • The absence of potential customers who increasingly rely on online reviews to inform their purchasing decisions.

  • An absence of opportunities to engage with your customers, showcase your strengths, and address any potential areas for improvement.
  • The absence of a showcase for positive customer experiences and testimonials.

  • The absence of standing out from competitors in local search results diminishes the chances of attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.
  • Social proof.

There is a pressing need to implement effective strategies for collecting Google reviews. By doing so, you can not only bolster your online presence and reputation but also strengthen customer relationships, drive business growth, and remain competitive in today's digital age.

The KWT Method

We have developed a successful method to help you become the Preferred Option in your market
by implementing these three critical steps in your marketing campaigns below;










What Others Say...


Brian has been our advertising, review generation and website maintenance specialist for over 5 years now and we continue to grow our business with the digital bank of customer reviews that never fail to bring us new business on a weekly basis

Lorraine Berry 



Brian Savic did an awesome job of marketing my business. Brian was very helpful in explaining all my options and advising the best solution for me to increase online awareness and website traffic. It's easy to get lost in the internet jungle and Brian went above and beyond to assist me in expanding my market share. I would love to recommend Brian to everyone, but this is one unfair advantage I might just keep to myself. Thanks Brian, we will talk very soon.

Chris Hocking 



I have been able to achieve a fantastic online presence by using Brian and the difference to my business has been night and day.



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"Imagine for one moment, watching your calendar filling up with bookings, your revenues are spiking, cash in your business checking account is consistently rising and you're turning clients away because you just can't keep up…

That’s the DREAM, but it's never been quite in your reach…until Today…



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